CreativeRHINO is going fully mobile for 1 month!

Home Sweet Camper

Yup, you read correctly.  We are heading out down the open highway starting this Tuesday September 8th as we embark on a month long road trip of business, pleasure, creation, and art!

The trip’s first scheduled stop will be in Vinton, IA where CreativeRHINO will set up shop for 2 weeks.  Keep your eyes peeled for tons of farm photos, videos, and more.  While there we will be conducting business as usual and prepping the next GRAND OPENING for easyhome.  The location of that GO is currently confidential and will be released soon.

CreativeRHINO will then be traveling to another super secret location to produce another GO!  2 GO’s in 1 trip.  Phew!

Never fret!  We have a list of WiFi Hotspots, a pair of Blackberrys, new tires, Bluetooth capabilities, and an ever growing list of couches and floors to crash on as we sofa-surf our way across America!

The cat (Luna) is going to NYC.  The Fish and plants are going down the road.  The camper is being shut down for the winter.  We are ready to roll!

Details to come!  Updates on the daily.  Fun required.  Creativity inevitable.

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