Day 1 of the Month-Long Road Trip

Kate got an early start from the Bronx and breezed across the GW, Jersey, and into Pennsylvania. She made her way west, stopping occasionally at rest stops to send emails and make business calls. Meanwhile, Ryan had a long drawn out departure from Bolton as Tuesday was the day all road construction began. There was construction directly outside of Horicon Heights, all the way to town, the other side of town, the entrance ramp to 87, and more. After an elongated drive behind a car doing 35 in a 55 Ryan reached I-90 and headed west. Back south on I-80, Kate was trucking along now and kept driving past Sandusky till she reached Toledo, OH and checked in to a Holiday Inn Express. 2 hours later Ryan arrived.  A little Pizza Hut Pizza, The Weather Channel, and a few glasses of Vincent Arroyo’s Nameless we were ready to call it a day.

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