CreativeRHINO sets up shop in Vinton, IA

After 2 days of driving, we arrived in Vinton last night just in time for dinner at Kate’s parent’s house.  We will be calling this home for the next 2 1/2 weeks as we operate business as usual and celebrate our (Kate and Ryan) 1 year anniversary of being married.  This trip truly is the blending of our personal lives and our business lives which we feel is what is necessary to succeed in the modern world as a small business.

Today we have phone conferences, design documents, meetings, golf, errands, and planning on the agenda.  As well, Ryan’s parents arrive today to see Vinton for the very first time and meet all of the extended Van Steenhuyse family and friends.  It is going to be a party weekend!  Its hard shifting your brain back and forth between business and pleasure but it will be much easier once Monday rolls around and the party is over – back to business!

Since this blog is host to all that happens on this trip, I must take a second to reflect back on all that has happened this past year.  We moved to Bolton Landing from San Francisco, took part time jobs, got CreativeRHINO rolling, got married, I had an emergency appendectomy that canceled our honeymoon, CreativeRHINO grew, we left our part time jobs, we bought a camper and moved into it for 10+ weeks, Kate got picked up for a solo art show, we both did window installations, we hired an intern, I dislocated my finger, we have traveled to Cohoes, Little Rock, Plattsburgh, Ballston Spa, Salina, Cobleskill, Waco, and Wichita in the past few months for business, and now we are doing the first of a few month-long road trips.  Its been a whirlwind!

As the 13th grows closer, I am consumed with all the memories of this past year and 1 predominantly amazing thought: I love my wife.  Kate is my best friend, business partner, wife, partner in crime, biggest fan, and more than can be described in words.  She’s beyond amazing and I know how lucky I am.

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