Fall Arrives In The Midwest

When we left Bolton Landing a few weeks ago it was obvious that fall had arrived. The lake dropped to the low 70’s, sweatshirts were required, and the streets were empty after dinner.

When we arrived in Vinton, we were greeted by blue skies, warm weather, and green corn fields. Its been amazingly warm the last week and boy are the farmers happy – they need everything to dry out. Today the fields have just started to brown, the leaves are falling, and the crispness has arrived in the air. So, its time to start fires. This is our board room – we stare into the fire and shoot off ideas. Its great.

Soon there will be no more outdoor meetings. There will be snow soon. By the time we return from our 2nd trip it’ll be late December Upstate. Its sad…and exciting. If you spend your days in an office, take a moment to go outside. Take a phone call on the roof, take lunch in a park, or just open all the windows. Maybe you can’t leave the office behind like we have but you can let plenty of the outside in.

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