2nd En Route Postcard Available; “Ugh, Yeah”

En Route Postcard Project:
Drawings en route to you, made on the way from there to here.

I am making postcard-sized drawings and paintings along the route from a custom drawing board Ryan built into the dash of our car. The postcards will be inspired by, produced, exhibited, and sold all from the road via our blog. I will post pictures of the artwork instantly to the CreativeRHINO blog via a Blackberry. They will be available for purchase by credit card or PayPal for $10 each and will sell to the first person to email in response.

Sorry, this postcard has already sold.

The name of this postcard is
“Ugh, Yeah”




  1. Adrianne · October 2, 2009

    I want ugh yea…. who bought this?!?!?! wtf

    Can we do it to the highest bidder?


    Adrianne Watson

    • CreativeRHINO · October 2, 2009

      It is first come – first serve and all sales are anonymous. There are 2 others available on the blog right now and more to come.

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