First En Route Postcard Available; “Constant, Cyclical, Fleeting”

En Route Postcard Project:
Drawings en route to you, made on the way from there to here.

I am making postcard-sized drawings and paintings along the route from a custom drawing board Ryan built into the dash of our car. The postcards will be inspired by, produced, exhibited, and sold all from the road via our blog. I will post pictures of the artwork instantly to the CreativeRHINO blog via a Blackberry. They will be available for purchase by credit card or PayPal for $10 each and will sell to the first person to email in response.

constant cyclical fleeting1


When you see a postcard you want, be the first to email me at! Write the name of the postcard(s) in the subject line and be sure to include your name & mailing address in the body of the email. I’ll send you the purchasing instructions and then mail the postcard(s) to you from the nearest post office box. Keep in mind that a little wear & tear may happen to your drawing en route… relax, it all just builds character.

The name of this postcard is
“Constant, Cyclical, Fleeting”



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