CreativeRHINO attended the annual CEG meeting in Troy

Last night, we went to the annual CEG (Center for Economic Growth) meeting in Troy which was held at RPI.  First off, what an amazing campus and what an amazing building the EMPAC is!  It is kind of like going to the Planetarium in NYC…its this large wooden sphere contained in a massive glass building.  Its all very European…like a large wooden lingonberry.

The EMPAC Interior

While there, we learned so much about the Capital District and Tech Valley.  It reconfirmed all of the reasons we chose to relocate to the area from San Francisco and we were pleasantly surprised to hear about how much eco-friendly innovation was taking place right in our own backyard!  One of the companies we met is called ecovative design, a company that produces packaging that is 100% compostable and biodegradable – made from seed husks and mushroom roots.  We met Comfortex, a company the produces eco-friendly window blinds.  We met Zone5, a marketing agency with progressive ideas on interactivity.  We learned about the incubators CEG and RPI has established to help nourish small companies.  We really had a great time.

If you are from the area you should check out CEG, they really do amazing things.

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