CreativeRHINO ♥ Bolton Landing, NY

Ryan and Kate (Bolton Landing Halloween 2009) as "Swine Flu."

Tomorrow we set out on another 5 week excursion for business, pleasure, and art.  We were only back in Bolton Landing for 2 1/2 weeks but while here we were reminded why this is where we chose to make our home and our business home-base.

Tonight was the Halloween party at Lakeside Lodge.  Its a cozy spot right on the main strip owned by Art and Nicole Baker; 2 people who provided us with jobs when we needed them, friendship, and closed the place down for our wedding in the middle of summer!  The entire town showed up in true fashion.  Everyone’s costumes were amazing!  It was a unbelievable.  Aside from that, its our home community so we all know each other and are genuinely excited to see what everyone is wearing.  The kids were outside tossing eggs, having shaving cream fights, and being chased off the yard by my uncle Bill (who just might become “old man Gates” if he’s not careful).  The band was playing inside, the dancing was divine, the drinks were flowing, great conversations, and good people.

The Bakers at Lakeside

Suddenly I looked at my watch and realized it was midnight and I hadn’t packed for this trip.  The mobile office still needs to be winterized and shut down in the morning and we need to be in Oklahoma by Monday night!  It was time to go home.  “No, don’t go!”  Everyone cried.  Almost tearfully we had to pull ourselves away.  “You can’t go yet!”  Our friend Rich exclaimed, “we’re older – you have to go home after us!”  We clinked glasses, shook hands, “I’ll see you in December” I said as I walked away.  It tore my heart out.  I just wanted to stay and be a part of this community a little longer tonight.  I wasn’t read to go.

Bolton Landing Snowy Main Street

As amazing as this night was, it was just another holiday night in Bolton.  Its always this amazing here.  What was truly amazing was how many people pulled us aside and talked about our last trip and how they followed along, where they voted for, and howthey were looking forward to following along again!  We moved to Bolton because we longed for a sense of community – an extended family.  What we didn’t expect was for that community to rally around us and to stick with us even as we ventured off into the unknown world of the online.  That was amazing.  That is why I tip my hat to Bolton Landing!  They take care of their own.  I don’t feel like a rock star because the town has followed us online – I feel like a loved member of a community and there is no better feeling in the world.

What are your friends up to?  What is your community doing?  Find out.  Get involved.  Spread the love.  Tomorrow we head west for points unknown and I will take all of Bolton Landing, NY with me on the journey.  They will be right there with me, and I’ll be right there for them along the way and as soon as I get back.  CreativeRHINO ♥ Bolton Landing, NY.

-Ryan W. Gates

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