Finding a sense of home while on the road

For this trip we decided we needed to find a better feeling of home while away.  On our last month-long trip in October we spent so much time in the car and at our client’s locations.  Our hotel accommodations were sub-par and I have to say I will never stay at the La Quinta in Tulsa ever again.  This trip things needed to be different.

  1. We took a direct route to our business location meaning we were only on the road for 2 days
  2. We used Yelp and a number of other sites to find a better hotel in our budget
  3. We have made lunch and dinner into opportunities to try the local cuisine instead of going someplace quick
  4. We are creating spare time to visit local attractions

Just those simple steps have made this trip start with a feeling of relaxation.  We were exhausted from the drive but it was good to just get here!  We use Yelp on daily basis and highly recommend it:  If you have not used Yelp, it is a site where consumers review local businesses and rate the quality.  Yelp has not let me down in 3 years.  We found a Ramada by the hotel that cost $4 more a night than the place we were going to stay at though it was 10 minutes from our location site.  It was well worth it.  The upgrade is astounding.  Our hotel room is our safe haven, office, and it sets the tone for our day in the morning.  There is something very important about waking up in a nice cozy place you enjoy.  As well, there is a fitness center so you can get you blood pumping first thing in the morning!  Food is very important and I think I might die if I do another month of fast food.  We bought the book Eat This Not That and have been using it to find healthier options when there are no other options.  When there are options we like to try them – we went to a local sushi restaurant the other night (found it on Yelp) and it was a great dinning experience.  Lastly, visiting local attractions is very important.  It not only is enjoyable but it also gives you insight into the community you are working in/visiting.  Yesterday we visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial and it was amazing!  It was so well made.  It was solemn, gorgeous, peaceful, informative, and educational.  We highly recommend visiting and taking the time to walk through the entire thing – you can call a number at the memorial and get the tour by cell phone.

Tomorrow is the big day here in OKC and then we are off to Wichita, KS.  I am very excited for Wichita because we are going to a WSU basketball game and we have not been since they were in the Sweet 16 in DC a few years back.

The hardest part about this trip is being disconnected from our home community and being away from our cat Luna.  I keep thinking back to the documentary interview we did in LA 2 years ago where Kate said “home is where the cat is.”  I cannot lie, the cat (whom I have had a tortured past with) is my beacon of light home.  She has been staying with friends for 2 months now.  I cannot wait to be back at home, a fire in the fireplace, the cat curled up on the sofa, fresh snow outside, the ponds frozen, and no impending trips till February.


Luna at home

Luna at home

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