CreativeRHINO wraps up our time in Wichita, KS

Its been a whirlwind adventure here in Wichita this time around!  We made a lot of new friends, attended some great events, and got some great work done!  Some of the highlights include being honorary coaches at a WSU Men’s Basketball game, The Wichita Art Museum’s Moroccan dinner party and sneak peek of the Wyeth exhibit, The Cocoa Dolce chocolate and beer pairing party, Thursdays With Charlie, bands at the Anchor, burgers at Heroes, golf at Flint Hills National, and of course the grand opening we produced for easyhome that netted over 90 deliveries!!!  We’ve been busy!

Currently we are wrapping up a print and video design campaign for a local client, moving into the building phase of a new micro site for one of our NY clients, and in development for a new online interactive video piece.

This week we will head east to St. Louis where we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving with family before heading south to Muskogee, Oklahoma for the last week-long stop on our trip.  We miss home, after December 10th we’ll be there for 15 days, and the entire month of January is currently scheduled to be some serious down time and skiing.  Till then…we’ll just keep on being digital nomads.

Click HERE to see where we are on our route.

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