Its cold and rainy in Muskogee, OK

This week we are in Muskogee, OK producing our last GO for easyhome in 2009. The rain is coming down, the temperature dropping into the 30’s, and home has become heavy on our minds. Muskogee has great people, but the landscape and destinations are very…what’s a way to say this nicely? Simple. Reserved. Laid back.

Maybe it is the bleakness of winter setting in over the Midwest and its massive sweeping grey skies? Perhaps its 10 weeks on the road? It could be the rain. Whatever it is, its time to go home and call it a year. In 4 days we will be making our way back home with a few stops along the way that we would like you to vote and decide for us. Stay tuned as voting will start in the next day or 2 about stops along the trip back.

Till then, email us your roadtrip stories! We want to hear your funniest, scarriest, whateverist story! Email them to us at and be entered in a chance to win some road trip shwag like snow globes, postcards, and CR gear!

See you online!

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