1 of the 2 “Road Trip Story Competition” Winners!

We asked you (our loyal fans and followers) to submit your road trip stories to enter yourself in a chance to win some random tchotchkes from our 2009 travels!  Without further ado, here is one of the winning stories:

Winning story by:

Heather P.
Wichita, KS, USA

I was in Colorado for a ski trip with a friend of mine.  We were based in Silverthorne and decided to pop on over to Vail for the day.  Its about an hour or less trip, so we left around 8 am and certainly didn’t pay attention to the weather.  We make it to the slopes just fine and start hitting it hard.  During our lunch break we were surprised by this snowstorm we were apparently the last to know about.  Vail got 8 inches of snow in less than 4 hrs!  Lemme tell you, the skiing was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!  Vail closed at 4, so we head to the car.  We make it just to the exit of the parking garage and end up sitting there for 30 min in traffic.  At this point we give up, turn around and hit the bar.  We hear there is some accident that should be cleaned up by 7, so we figure we’ll grab some dinner and then head out.  Well as the evening goes on, we hear they are doing avalanche blasting on the road home.  Road is still closed at 10 and at this point we are getting worried.  All the locals say its not going to open up that night and we had better start looking for a place to stay.  We start calling around to the hotels and it turns out the Honda Sessions are there the next day, so most of them are sold out or at outrageously high prices ($500+)!  Around 1 am the wait staff starts to take pitty on us and offers up some places to stay…until they realize they can’t get home either because their route home is now closed!  Bar closing time rolls around and we decide to head out, fill up the car with gas and find a place to park and sleep in the car and hope there’s enough gas to keep us warm.

As we’re driving around the Vail Village area, we come across a group of 3 kids with snowboards who are hitchhiking.  At this point, we figure we have nothing else better to do, so we might as well!  My friend has a truck so we pick them up, pick 3 more of their friends up, and drop them off at their respective homes.  The last stop rolls around and the friendly hitchhikers offer us a pullout couch as payment for the ride!  Now, we had to bust through snow drifts 6ft high just to get to their front door, but a pullout couch never ever ever felt sooo good!

They didn’t open the roads until about 3 the next day!  We ended up going around Vail pass to get back to Silverthorn.  It took about 3 hrs.  We left at 2 by the way.  Yeah, that was a little frustrating.  85 mph!?  OMG.  I decided to sleep while we were driving through the mountains.  It scares the crap out of me driving in those kind of conditions.

Thanks for the great snowy driving story Heather!  Glad you guys made it out safely and found a couch to crash on!  So what is your super sweet road trip prize?  A snow globe from Illinois with a Cardinal on the inside and pigs on the outside!  There wasn’t much snow in Illinois when we drove through it in early December but it was super cold and windy!  I hope this random snow globe inspires you to keep braving the elements and never let a thing like avalanches deter you from carving up some sweet powder!

One comment

  1. Heather · December 23, 2009


    Thanks for sharing my story! Pretty nuts, but a great memory. Looks like I might be braving the elements here in Kansas by tomorrow. Yay for a White Christmas!!!!!

    I can’t wait to get my snow globe!

    Happy Holidays and all the best,


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