1 of the 2 “Road Trip Story Competition” Winners!

We asked you (our loyal fans and followers) to submit your road trip stories to enter yourself in a chance to win some random tchotchkes from our 2009 travels!  Without further ado, here is one of the winning stories:

Winning Story by

Adrienne M.
Toronto, ON, CA

While launching the BlackBerry Pearl for AT&T, I was responsible for a 10 city, 20 event road show and product tour, all condensed into 21 days.  Basically a new city every other day.  Atlanta was our last stop and after 19 days on the road with all the events, planning and extra after hours social activities,  I was a wreck and only had this last event in Atlanta to manage.

When traveling to Atlanta,  I always stay at the W Hotel in Perimiter.  As a regular guest and Platinum Starwood member,  the hotel knows me and always makes sure I get a king room on a high level floor.  This particular arrival,  had me walking through the hotel door at almost 1 am.  I went to the desk where I was greeted by name and told as a regular they had upgraded my room for me and if I needed anything further to let them know.  Tired,  cranky,  exhausted and completely ready to come home,  I thanked them,  took my room keys and headed off to the elevators where I proceeded to phone home even though it was late.  I was speaking with my daughter on the phone and trying to manage my suitcase, backpack etc, all while walking to my room.  I placed the key in the lock and entered the room phone still pinned to my ear.  To my great surprise my room had been upgraded …  to a suite …  complete with a fully naked 60 year old man sitting in the chair in the living area reading the paper.  Which by the way sat just high enough that he was completely exposed !!  The paper did not hide anything.  He peered over the top of his paper and looked up from under his bifocals to tell me I obviously had the wrong room!  Before I could turn around,  his wife,  I am assuming it was his wife,  offered to assist me by calling  the front desk.  She of course was also 100% naked sitting on the sofa reading a book also looking up at me over her bifocals !  By this time I was so tired, the silliness had set in and completely laughing and giggling out of control I attempted to apologize and left the room to head back to the front desk.

Upon reaching the front desk,  I requested that next time they upgrade me to a suite,  could they at least make it a single hot and good looking 20 something guy instead of the senior couple they had put in my room for me !!! 🙂

Great story Adrienne!  Thanks for writing in and keeping us laughing!  So what is your super sweet prize from our road trip?  Its a mini key-chain flask from the Bourbon Heritage Center in Kentucky!  We got it on our trip to Louisville at the tail end of our first month-long trip which was the location voted for by all of you!  Now you can have a little nip on the taxi ride to the W and be better prepared for hazardous upgrades.

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