CreativeRHINO partied with WSU tonight!

Tonight we attended the last home game we will be able to make it to for our beloved WSU Shockers.  The shocks played an amazing game that ended with us on top by 2 points in what we described as “a street fight where a basketball game broke out.”  As amazing as the game was, nothing can top celebrating with the coach after the game.

Coach Marshall and his family joined all of us for some deserved celebration.  The team pulled off a great victory tonight and the atmosphere at Koch Arena was unbelievable!

Coach walked in the restaurant and lifted Ryan’s Dad (Bud) off the ground in a hug as the whole place cheered.  Bud refused to let his seating section sit down all night and kept lifting his arms in the air to keep that home-team winning streak alive.

This was our last night in the Midwest for this trip and we simply do not want it to end.  We just want to follow the Shocks, hang with new friends like Heather and Cory, and enjoy more of the local flavor.  We love it so much that we have decided to come back here for the first 2 weeks of March!  CreativeRHINO is going to follow the Shockers to St. Louis for the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament and then spend St. Pats in Chicago on our annual pub crawl.

So, so long Wichita!  We are off to KC tomorrow to fly back to Albany.  We head to Niagara Falls next for easyhome, and then…it Shocker time!  Thanks for follwing, see you online!

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