Greetings from Niagara Falls, NY

We arrived late last night around 2:30am and caught 4 hours of sleep before heading out and getting to work. We’re grabbing a quick bite at the Seneca Casino…where are the Blackjack tables?

Remember when people used to dress up to go to a casino. Gambling invloved dice and cards. Now…its just a sea of machines and chain smokers giving away their retirement funds quarter by quarter.

Its strange to be at a natural wonder like the falls and see it surrounded in gaudy casinos, power plants, and a vast industrial wasteland pumping toxins into the air every second of the day. Ahhhh. America.

On fun note, the US beat Canada in hockey last night and tensions are slightly high here at the border. Calm down US…this aint the Miracle on Ice. We are excited to be here and look forward to spending some time over at the falls – we’ve been before and always gawk at their size, beauty, and sound. Truly amazing!

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