So Long Niagara Falls!

Its been a rough week here in Niagara Falls. We battled colds, the loss of colleagues, being 2 team members short, and non-stop snow. Somehow in all of that we managed push forward and in the end we were able to produce an amazing event and grand opening for easyhome. We set a new US store grand opening record with 138 new deliveries! We made 92 referral videos the day of the GO! 92!!! On average we do between 50-60 for the entire day…in Niagara Falls we had done 55 by noon!

Exhausted beyond description we collapsed last night after the GO and began the journey home today. Never has the 7 hour drive across NY State seemed so long. Ahead of us are these gorgeos pink clouds kissed by the sun and vibrant purple mountains. In the rearview is the grey cement covered industrial sprawling stripmall and casino known as Niagara Falls, NY.

Home soon. No work road trips scheduled for another month or 2. Home is close.

We’ll post videos soon of our record breaking day and hopefully a recap from 2009. Stay tuned and we’ll see you online!

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