Today is the Day!

As most of you know, I (Ryan) grew up in Wichita, KS and am a die-hard fan of Wichita State University Basketball. We at CreativeRHINO have thus become big supporters and were invited to a number of events and games this season. As you may remember, Kate and I were honorary coaches for the season opener this year and sat on the bench as well as joined the team for all huddles and locker room speaches.

The Shockers had an amazing season and finished 2nd in the Valley. Today, they are playing in the Missouri Valley Championship for a chance at going to the big dance. Standing in their way is UNI, a top 25 team in the nation with serious shooting power and an amazing big man.

In the past 2 days the Shox have battled their way here, beating Missouri State and Illionois State in 2 insanely close games. I, and a few thousand other Shocker fans, have been here in St. Louis all weekend cheering this amazing team on! They are the true Cinderella Story! They are the only team in the Valey to beat UNI (with the entire UNI team playing), WSU went undefeated at home for the first time in history, their 6th man (Kyles) is out with a broken hand, Coach Marshall is one of the best coaches in the nation, we are hailed as having the best and loudest fans, and if we win today we go to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2006!

Game time is 1:05pm CST. It is being broadcasted on CBS. I’m 6 rows directly behind the bench but will be at the tunnel for the start of the game. This is going to be a tough game, a game of strategy, and defense. Turn the game on to look for me screaming like a crazy person…but more importantly, watch and root for the Shocks as they look to upset UNI in what would be the most amazing Valley season of all time!

Help CreativeRHINO support this amazing team. Let’s go Shockers!!!!!!!!!!

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