CreativeRHINO Hits The Open Road

Today we are setting our compass for points west as we make our way back across the United States.  Its CreativeRHINO so yes…we are driving!  You would think that we would get sick of the drive but we truly look forward to it.  Amazing sunrises and sunsets, valleys and plains, and of course the stories along the way and the people we meet.

This trip we are headed to Wichita, KS (with a brief stopover in St. Louis) to look for a new home for CreativeRHINO.  We are now less than 4 weeks away from the official move!  Last time we made the move from San Francisco to Bolton Landing we had 1 moving truck towing a car, 1 car following, 1 cat that hates traveling, 7 fish in a bucket, and enough plants to fill a small greenhouse.

Here we go again!


  1. Terrie Campbell · April 1, 2010

    We are also on a trip from east to west. Amused that only subarus are out this time in the evening. A bit concerned you were checking your oil so early in your trip.

    Thanks to the intro to interactive marketing.

    Safe travels.

    • CreativeRHINO · April 1, 2010

      Nice meeting you too. I realized around Utica I hadn’t checked the levels on this car since the last trip so better safe than sorry.

      We’re aiming to make it west of Buffalo/east or Erie tonight and then push on to St. Louis tomorrow. Where are you heading tonight?

      Thanks for checking out our blog from the URL on the back of the car. Always nice to meet new people and then reconnect online, especially when they’re a fellow Subaru owner.

      Drive safe, watch out for the trucks in the construction zones, and feel free to contact us ( any time. See you online and on the road!

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