Keeping Cool On The Road

Today we set out from Erie, PA for St. Louis…however we didn’t get too far. The outside temperature began to rise so we flipped on the A/C. Only no cold air greeted us.

Having had experience replacing radiators and blown head gaskets in the past we played it safe and googled the closest Subaru servive department along the route.

We pulled into Halpert, OH and dropped the car off to be checked out. We had lunch next door and by the time we finished our car was fixed, washed, and ready to roll. Our problem was an easy one, just needed to have the system recharged.

Just wanted to remind all of you out there to check your A/C and be sure its working. Check your coolant system too for cracks and leaks. How’s your oil? Check these things now – its best to fix a problem like ours when you want A/C…not when you need it. See you on the road and online!

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