The Evolution of Video in Online Advertising

Directing on the set of “The Cage”

Today Ryan Gates spoke at the Wichita American Marketing Association monthly meeting and gave a presentation on the evolution of online video production, its impact on viral marketing, and how his career has led him through that evolution.  The talk was filled with videos and stories from the late 90’s through today and observations about the interactive marketing industry and consumer trends.

“I was honored to be invited to speak, I am still getting used to referring to myself as a marketer and not a filmmaker.  I was humbled to be given the opportunity to talk with the Wichita marketing community.”

Gates imparted the advice of showing customers the vulnerable side of your brand.  Truth, honesty, and reality.  The idea of presenting a brand without being overly commercial is imperative as “consumers want more interactive pieces…they want more stuff!”  Ryan also talked about the idea of telling a story, which was exactly what his presentation was…a compelling story that hopefully captivated people for a snippet of time and provided a momentary escape from reality.  The idea of being “Digital Nomads” struck a chord with the group as Ryan discussed moving his business and life into a 20′ camper because he didn’t need to have a public business space.

“If there was anything I wish I could have spent more time talking about today it would have been the camper, being digitally nomadic, and how technology has redefined the small business.  However, this was a talk on marketing trends…not small business.  It does lend itself to the idea that consumers are accessing your brand via new avenues and the need for companies to have a larger presence online than on the street is becoming greater every day.”

For more information on Ryan and his work please email us at or subscribe to the So Long Freedom blog as he chronicles his evolution from freelance to corporate, coastal to midwestern, and an individual to a father.

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