Competing in “Down To The Wire” 24 Hour Film Race

317789_10151473831963835_101865639_nWe’re continuing to kick the rust off the production brains here at CreativeRHINO and have decided to be a last minute entry into the “Down To The Wire” 24 Hour Film Race presented by Tallgrass Film Association and Creative Rush.  Our team will consist solely of Ryan W. Gates, Kathryn Van Steenhuyse, 2-year-old Maxwell Gates and last but not least…5-month-old Dodge Gates.  The producers meeting is tonight at 6 PM where all teams will find out the 4 criteria that must be incorporated into their films.  The criteria will be…

  1. Theme
  2. Prop
  3. Location
  4. A Line Of Dialogue

24hour-filmfest-logo-GRAY-185x300The race starts promptly at 7 PM (CST) tonight, Friday August 9th and ends tomorrow (August 10th) at 7 PM with the submission of a 6 minute or less film on 2 DVD’s.  Our team has blocked out a few possible scenes and screen tested them for tech to attempt to eliminate complicated scripts, shooting schedules, etc.  Making a film from concept to delivery in 24 hours is really tough…doing it with 2 small children should be crazy.  Help cheer us on by posting to the CreativeRHINO Facebook Page, following us on Twitter (@CreativeRHINO), and offering up any services or help you can if you are in the Wichita area tonight or tomorrow morning.  Our goal is just to complete the film on time and see if it is possible to make a film with kids in this crazy time period.  If not?  Then we’re happy to have made a donation to Tallgrass and Creative Rush so young artists have a forum to be heard and seen.

Here we go Rhino fans!  Help us get to the finish line!


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