2014 Tallgrass Film Festival DAY 5 (10/18/14): Sunday, The Last Day

13_TFF5728_Sports_ProgramIts been an amazing 4 days and the couch is calling you back this Sunday…but you need to put it out of mind. There’s still one more day of Tallgrass left and there are films you don’t want to miss! Selfishly, we don’t want you to miss our short film, “From Wichita With Love,” which will premiere during the “DTTW Showcase” Sunday at noon in the Garvey Forum Theater. Did you miss a film this weekend? It may be playing Sunday morning! The VIP Lounge is still open, there’s a filmmaker brunch, more films to see, and the closing night gala. So without further ado, here’s a list of what’s happening at Tallgrass on the last day and our recommendations on what not to miss:

9 AM – Noon

  • “Queens and Cowboys: A Straight Year On the Gay Rodeo” 9 AM at Garvey. Feature doc about the International Gay Rodeo Association.
  • “The Kill Team” 9 at the Scottish Rite. Feature doc about a soldier’s decision to pick morals over platoon.
  • “The Burgeoning: Coming of Age Shorts” 9 AM at WSU Shift Space. 8 narrative shorts about coming of age.
  • “The Bright: Comedic Shorts” 9:30 at Garvey. 8 comedic shorts from around the world ranging in duration from 7-17 minutes.
  • “Firkin Filmmaker Brunch VIP” 10 AM at the Monarch in the Delano. Brunch at the Monarch Gastropub and a specialty firkin from Tallgrass Brewing Company.
  • “Silenced” 11 AM at the Scottish Rite. Feature doc about whistleblowers and the extreme repercussions they then face.
  • “The Bona Fide: Documentary Shorts” 11:15 AM at Garvey. 8 short films about true stories ranging in runtime from 6-32 minutes.
  • “The Salvation” 11:30 at Bank of America Theater. Feature narrative Western in English and Danish with English subtitles.

Noon – 3 PM

  • “Down to the Wire: 24 Hour Film Race Showcase” Noon at Garvey. 6 short films from the 2014 DTTW 24 Hour Film Race in August including CreativeRHINO’s own, “From Wichita With Love.”
  • “Filmmaker Lab: Documentary 101” Noon at the Lux. The workshop will examine the ways in which artists use the moving image to explore, represent, construct and change the world.
  • “Art and Craft” Noon at WAM. Feature doc (free) about the life of Mark Landis and his work as an art forger.
  • “Pretty Rosebud” 1:30 at the Scottish Rite. Stubbornly Independent Nominated narrative feature about Asian-American girl defying societal taboos…awakening something primal.
  • “Joel Fein Emerging Student Shorts” 1:45 at Garvey. 18 short films by high school, and younger, students from around the world ranging in runtime from 2-12 minutes.
  • “A Life in Dirty Movies” 1:45 at the Bank of America Theater. Feature doc about legendary sexploitation director Joe Sarno.
  • “Mood Indigo” 2 at WAM. Narrative feature comedy from France with English subtitles. A couple’s love is tested when a flower begins to grow in the girl’s lungs.

3 PM – 6 PM

  • “Five Star” 3:45 at the Orpheum. Stubbornly Independent Nominated narrative feature about a man who has to choose between the life of the streets or a role model to a boy.
  • “Sun Belt Express” 3:45 PM at Scottish Rite. Narrative Feature comedy about a man who hits rock bottom and smuggles Mexican immigrants across the border from Mexico when everything goes wrong.
  • “Roundtable: Crowd-Funding Your Indie Film” 4 PM at the Lux. Connect with visiting filmmakers who have used various crowd-funding platforms to help finance their films.
  • “The David Dance” 4 PM at Garvey. Narrative feature about man who escapes his shy life & insecurities on the radio in Buffalo, NY.
  • “Love Land” 4 PM at Bank of America Theater. Narrative feature about an intellectually disabled woman in love with an underage boy in East Texas.
  • “Timothy Gruver Spotlight on Kansas Filmmakers” 4:30 PM at Garvey. Named for the festival’s founder, this program features 11 short films made by Kansas Filmmakers.

The Main Event

  • “Before I Disappear” 7 PM at the Orpheum. Based on the Academy Award®–winning short Curfew. At the lowest point of his life, Richie gets a call from his estranged sister asking him to look after his 11-year old niece, Sophia, for a few hours. Richie cancels his ominous plans, and picks Sophia up from school. He does his best to juggle her intense schedule with his equally intense (but much messier) commitments. It seems more like she’s the one looking after him than the other way around. As he tries hard to be the grownup, he realizes she just might be the spark he needs to bring him back from the edge. Winner of the Audience Award at the 2014 SXSW Film Festival.
  • The Closing Night Gala party at Block1 Parking Garage with open bar, eats from Bob & Luigi’s and music from DJs Ghould and Deathblack Flowers. (estimated 9:15 PM start)

…and there you have it! 5 days of film, workshops, discussions, parties, and more! Thank you for supporting one of Wichita’s treasures that enriches our community, draws people to our city, and inspires us to do more! We’ll followup soon with some of our favorite films and recap how the screening of our film went. Oh…wait…did we mention we have a film in the festival? Hahahaha! No…seriuously. Come support CreativeRHINO and Director, Ryan W. Gates by attending the “DTTW Showcase” at Noon on Sunday…it’s sure to be the cat’s meow!

For full details and the Tallgrass schedule CLICK HERE.

"From Wichita With Love" screens Sunday, 10/19/2014 at noon in the Garvey Forum Theater

“From Wichita With Love” screens Sunday, 10/19/2014 at noon in the Garvey Forum Theater

This Tallgrass Film Festival update is brought to you by Ryan W. Gates.  Ryan is a filmmaker, author, marketing director, business owner, family-man, and active member in the Wichita community with deep ties to the arts.

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