Kathryn Van Steenhuyse

Kathryn Van Steenhuyse draws her creative inspiration from the modern art world.  As an accomplished painter Kate’s work has been featured in galleries, print, and museums.  As the Sr. Project Manager  and co-founder of CreativeRHINO, her abstract thinking leads to ground-breaking ideas and designs that consistently produce unique and vibrant, artistic results.  Kathryn has worked as a designer for Martha Stewart, an administrator for NYU Tisch, program director for Art Partners, CEO of Harvester Arts, has taught at various colleges across America, and sat on numerous boards.


Kathryn holds a BFA in painting from Washington University in St. Louis, was a resident of the Vermont Studio Center, and has a Masters in painting from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.  Her work, like her artwork, approaches problem solving from a completely new perspective to turn projects into experiences…evoking emotion and senses from the consumer audience.


Visit KVanSteenhuyse.com to learn more.