What is a Digital Nomad?

In 2008, we (Ryan & Kate) moved CreativeRHINO from San Francisco, CA to Bolton Landing, NY.  We came to realize that being based in SF had nothing to do with the succuess of CreativeRHINO:  We spent most of our time hosting video conference calls, phone meetings, or flying across country to a job location.  If where we are located no longer mattered…why not be based out of a place where lifestyle can be improved and our surroundings would inspire us?

Bolton Landing, NY

Bolton Landing is located on the shores of Lake George in the Adirondack Park, with rolling green mountains that greet the sky and water every day.  Our new neighbors were blue herons, bald eagles, deer, bear, and other various wildlife.  Our old office view of SF from atop Potrero Hill was replaced with that of two ponds, a forest, and a lake.  The Albany airport was a short drive away, NYC was a 3 hour train ride, and business continued as usual.  We were becoming digital nomads.

Ryan and Kate’s 2009 Office

In 2009, we made the decision to sever the remaining ties to a home or office and go completely nomadic.  We purchased a 20′ camper and retrofitted it to have high speed internet, phones, fax, TV, and all the necessities to run CreativeRHINO and our lives from anywhere.  Our conference room was a picnic table with a tent and tarp structure over it.  Our desks folded flat at night to become beds.  Bunks allowed room for fellow digital nomads to join the journey.  A desk was added to the passenger dash of the car for Kate to draw and paint as we hit the open road.  We truly were digital nomads conducting business from a parking lot in Jonesboro, AR one week, a state fair in Oklahoma the next, or a camp ground in Bolton Landing which we called “home” for 4 months.

The Camper at the “Campsite” in Bolton Landing, NY

Today we call Wichita, KS home.  The camper was sold in 2010 and resides somewhere in Western New York.  Two small children run up and down the halls of our house.  Though we have planted roots in the rich Kansas soil we are still digital nomads by nature; taking on projects wherever the wind calls us.  Our phones are handy, the Skype address is the same, and we might be in a parking lot down the street from you now…ready to answer your consulting needs before returning home to the prairie sunset.

Kate draws in the car