CreativeRHINO is back on the road.


With Ryan’s new position as Director of Viral Marketing at easygates, LLC he will be on the road more and more for easyhome. This week he is in Jonesboro, AR while Kate gears up for a drive across country to NY. So keep your eyes peeled for the Rhinos out there on the open highways…you never know where we might pop up next.

Last Night We Took Cover in Greenville, IL

As we pushed west with our sights set on reaching Kansas City we noticed a drastic change in the weather. We pulled over at a rest stop and gathered around a TV broadcasting the tornado warnings and saw we were directly in its path. We snagged the last room at a motel minutes before the power went out for the entire county. Minutes later the rain began, then an insane lightning show, and the twister passed just south of us.

Its odd to be moving back to Wichita in the middle of tornado season – we spent part of last night hiding in the tub. I guess it was the Midwest’s way of saying welcome home. Today we are driving into the second storm as we finally reach Kansas. Almost there!
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On The Road Again!

Today we finished packing everything up, our stuff left with the moving truck yesterday, and we are on the road moving to Wichita, KS! NY made it easier for us to leave this week by snowing! Snow! The last week of April!

Today however the skies were clear, the water deep blue, and the temperatures rising. With excitement for what lies ahead and a heavy heart to leave Bolton Landing we hit the road.

On to the next adventure!
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Ryan’s Keys to a Better Office

Another Day at the Office

With our move to Wichita, KS only 3 days away we sold our mobile office. The 20′ 1988 Sunline Camper affectionately referred to as “Debbie” pulled away the other night as she began the next adventure. It was sad to see her go but we were happy that she was going to a good family. There was something very magical about having an office that consisted of a large picnic table, a canopy, an extension chord, and a wireless printer. Sure the flies were a bit much at times but it was a small price to pay to be able to work in a bathing suit and t-shirt outside.

People keep saying to me (Ryan) that “I got away with it for as long as I could,” in reference to a non-traditional work schedule and place of business. I didn’t get away with anything. We worked harder than I’ve ever worked in my life because we grayed the lines between pleasure and business – we made work fun. I highly recommend it to everyone. Open your office window. Have a meeting at a picnic table. Wear flip-flops to work. Love what you do. I may be stepping in to a more formal position as Director of Viral Marketing at easygates, LLC but I will still do everything I can to bring the outside in and redefine what a “workspace” is. AC, heaters, artificial light, and hunching over a keyboard is killing us. I’m not suggesting we all go hippie town and burn our desks, I just think we should do a little more to make ourselves happy. Here is what I suggest to improve your office:

  1. Get a plant
  2. Open windows when possible
  3. Take breaks/lunches outside weather permitting
  4. Host meetings outside weather permitting
  5. Replace all your office light bulbs with full spectrum bulbs
  6. Create a work station where you can stand at times
  7. Invite your office neighbors outside with you
  8. Don’t Facebook updates like “still stuck at work”

Most importantly, every stranger you encounter on your way to work…engage in some small way.  Don’t put your head down and charge past them.  Smile.  Say “hi.”  Its not only good for the soul but it also gets you in a good social mood.  Say “hi” to your office neighbors.

Work hard and you’ll feel good about what you have accomplished.  Slack off and you will hate your job.  Be yourself, make the workspace enjoyable, and remember to reward yourself for all your hard work.  You deserve it!

CreativeRHINO Hits The Open Road

Today we are setting our compass for points west as we make our way back across the United States.  Its CreativeRHINO so yes…we are driving!  You would think that we would get sick of the drive but we truly look forward to it.  Amazing sunrises and sunsets, valleys and plains, and of course the stories along the way and the people we meet.

This trip we are headed to Wichita, KS (with a brief stopover in St. Louis) to look for a new home for CreativeRHINO.  We are now less than 4 weeks away from the official move!  Last time we made the move from San Francisco to Bolton Landing we had 1 moving truck towing a car, 1 car following, 1 cat that hates traveling, 7 fish in a bucket, and enough plants to fill a small greenhouse.

Here we go again!