Meet Ryan & Kate

Ryan & Kate co-founded CreativeRHINO back in 2006 to create social networks between artists and provide opportunities both commercially and artistically for clients outside of “the norm.” Ryan has decades of experience in the world of new-media, broadcast production, and creative development while Kate specializes in design, creative brainstorming, and is a well established painter. They traveled the globe overseeing all the projects to create as much art and fun along the way as well.


In 2008, Ryan & Kate got married under a tree in Bolton Landing, NY surrounded by their friends and family. The company expanded with the addition of “artistic partners,” associate producers, and various tradesmen as CreativeRHINO took on more clients.

In 2010, Ryan & Kate moved to Wichita, KS to better serve the needs of a large project they were overseeing for a client and welcomed their first child in 2011 (Max) and their second child in 2013 (Dodge). Wichita felt like home so they setup shop, co-founded an arts organization called Harvester Arts, and lived happily ever after.

Ryan & Kate love each other and they love collaborating. Its all a collaborative effort, and you can be a part of it too by posting comments on the blog, sending suggestions, proposing projects, and helping dream up something new. We could all use a little creativity in our lives, we’re happy to share!