Where has CreativeRHINO been?


The one-two punch of Ryan and Kate have been on paternal/maternal leave with the arrival of the tiniest rhino…Max. Now, two months later we are returning to the world of creativity with a number of great projects on the horizon.

Kate has been painting and Ryan has been writing in the interim. There is a proposed combining of their work for a show/installation this year as well as more gallery appearances. In the meantime, check out Ryan’s writing on the So Long Freedom blog where he writes short stories about moving to Kansas, working for corporate America, and becoming a father.

The Evolution of Video in Online Advertising

Directing on the set of “The Cage”

Today Ryan Gates spoke at the Wichita American Marketing Association monthly meeting and gave a presentation on the evolution of online video production, its impact on viral marketing, and how his career has led him through that evolution.  The talk was filled with videos and stories from the late 90’s through today and observations about the interactive marketing industry and consumer trends.

“I was honored to be invited to speak, I am still getting used to referring to myself as a marketer and not a filmmaker.  I was humbled to be given the opportunity to talk with the Wichita marketing community.” Read More