CreativeRHINO Shows Off Their Dance Moves…

…or lack there of?  We were in Jacksonville, AR producing an event for easyhome when we got the sudden urge to dance.  Warning, you may have to scratch your eyes out after seeing Ryan’s moves.

CreativeRHINO is in Jacksonville this week!

No not Jacksonville, Florida.  Not Jacksonville, Tennessee.  We’re in Jacksonville, Arkansas (just northeast of Little Rock).

We enjoyed our time off from the road but the road has called and yet again we have answered.  Some might say we cheated a little this time…we flew.  Yup, CreativeRHINO left the cars and mobile office behind and went good old fashioned airline for this one.

So…why are we in Jacksonville?

We’re producing another segment of the “Stop Making Payments – Start Making Referrals” campaign we designed for easyhome.  We’ll have pictures and details coming soon as well as another “Tales From The Road” contest.

Send us your great road trip story to to be automatically entered to win fun prizes from the road.  Its just that simple!

See you online!