2014 Tallgrass Film Festival DAY 5 (10/18/14): Sunday, The Last Day

13_TFF5728_Sports_ProgramIts been an amazing 4 days and the couch is calling you back this Sunday…but you need to put it out of mind. There’s still one more day of Tallgrass left and there are films you don’t want to miss! Selfishly, we don’t want you to miss our short film, “From Wichita With Love,” which will premiere during the “DTTW Showcase” Sunday at noon in the Garvey Forum Theater. Did you miss a film this weekend? It may be playing Sunday morning! The VIP Lounge is still open, there’s a filmmaker brunch, more films to see, and the closing night gala. So without further ado, here’s a list of what’s happening at Tallgrass on the last day and our recommendations on what not to miss: Read More

2014 Tallgrass Film Festival DAY 4 (10/18/14)

the dark valleyHere we go! Day 4 of the festival and its a doozy because its Saturday and there is so much to see! The weather is slightly cooler today with a high around 67 so bring a jacket for the early morning and late night festivities. Just like yesterday we’re going to break out the day into time slots and highlight a few films we feel are do not miss movies. For full details, times. descriptions and tickets please visit the Tallgrass Film Festival website. Here we go! Read More

2014 Tallgrass Film Festival DAY 3 (10/17/14)

yojimboDay 3 at Tallgrass (Friday) and this is when the festival really gets into the swing of things!  There are so many films to see that is can seem daunting trying to pick out what not to miss.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  If you do, head over to the VIP Lounge at the Lux, have a drink, and ask a Tallgrass representative to help you by making decisions based on your likes.  Since there is so much going on, we’re going to break down the day into 5 smaller chunks to give an overview of what’s going on and highlight our picks in red.  For full details on showtimes, locations, and film descriptions check out the official Tallgrass Schedule. Read More

2014 Tallgrass Film Festival DAY 2 (10/16/14)

life itselfLast night the 12th annual Tallgrass Film Festival kicked off with a screening of “Life Itself,” a feature documentary about Roger Ebert, in front of a packed audience at the Orpheum Theater.  It was an amazing story covering the scope of Ebert’s professional life intertwined with interviews and a glimpse into his personal life during his final days before passing away.  The film was preceded by a hilarious short (The Gunfighter) that had Wichita rolling in the aisles with laughter.  Those of Oz showed why Wichita is the best place for independent films and filled the Orpheum on a Wednesday night with the Royals racing for the ALCS Pennant. “Life Itself” Producer Zak Piper was on hand for a great Q&A after and then it was time to let loose!  As to be expected, the film was followed by an amazing gala (fancy word for party) at Union Station featuring a firehouse theme, delicious food, amazing music by Robin Macy and the Cherokee Maidens, the unveiling of Lamphouse Photo Co.’s gorgeous new “Birdie Booth” photo booth, and much more! Read More

The Evolution of Harvester Arts

Selection of logo submissions

Selection of logo submissions

March of 2012, CreativeRHINO’s Kate Van Steenhuyse and Ryan W. Gates started a project called *asterICT.  Its goal was “…to break down barriers between contemporary artists and their audience by inviting emerging artists from a broad range of disciplines to Wichita, KS for performances, exhibitions, workshops, and casual conversation.  *asterICT brought contemporary arts to the community on an intimate level so artists and audiences could engage with each other and mutually benefit from a shared artistic dialog.”  Two years later, the project has evolved into a fully operational nonprofit arts organization founded by Van Steenhuyse (CEO) along with co founders Kristin Beal (COO) and Ryan W. Gates.  The organization is, Harvester Arts: Read More